Therapist profile

I have been living in Australia for 25 years. I came upon Craniosacral therapy “by accident” and was very drawn to it. I had been looking for many years for a therapy that goes beyond the physical to the emotional and the spiritual as everything is connected in the body. When I discovered CST I knew that it was what I had been looking for. I never looked back.

I feel very privileged to be able to help people get better. Craniosacral therapy goes far beyond the physical and I am often amazed by the effectiveness of this therapy and the changes for the best it brings to my clients. This is particularly evident with children, teenagers and young adults who seem to find their place in this world more easily by the end of a treatment program. I feel very deeply that Craniosacral Therapy is my vocation.

I work in Currimundi on the Sunshine Coast about 1h00 north of Brisbane

I work from Sunday to Friday by appointments.


Diploma of Craniosacral Therapy, Australian Institute of Craniosacral Therapy 2003.

Diploma of Quantum Touch 2007

I have also a Bachelor of Sociology and Psychology from a Paris university (Universite de Paris VIII).

Health Care Experience

I have been working with people in Cranio since the beginning of 2002.

My first “Cranio sacral baby” (help with conception) has turned 14 in March 2016!

Life Experience

I am originally from France.

I have been living in many different parts of the world actually in all continents (Europe, America north and south, Africa and Asia) and I have been in Australia since 1991.

I have been used to dealing with lots of different people, with different cultures, different ideas and very different views of the world. I believe this has given me a good understanding and acceptance of human nature and I find it a great help in my work.

I am very interested with all that has to do with human energy and I read a lot about it.

I also love to do things with my hands as I am a kinesthetic kind of person.

I particularly like to do arts (painting) and crafts (clay) and I enjoy very much gardening. I practice bush walking, swimming and yoga.

Odile Grisel