Distant healing

Distant healing is as effective and as powerful as hands on healing. It is becoming more and more popular due to the busy modern life and lack of Craniosacral therapists in some areas.

Craniosacral Therapy is an energy healing  and is therefore particularly suitable for distant healing.

“I’m amazed at what you picked up on in this first session because these are exactly the sensations I’ve been experiencing.” (July, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

As Quantum physics explains, everyone and everything is made of energy and through energy fields we are all connected. Distance does not matter anymore. Energy follows thoughts and by using intention the practitioner can send the energy where they want to. I can feel exactly the same movements and releases under my hands in distant healing as when my hands are on the patient. I get the same results when treating somebody in the same room, in the next room, in the next town, in the next state or overseas.

“It’s interesting how everything you’ve described matches exactly what I was experiencing during this session. I had some feelings of anger come up suddenly and kept seeing an image of a girl crying which probably explains the anger and tears you described.

I also felt that something ‘big’ emotionally was coming up in my chest and heart area – as you also described – the pressure on my chest during today’s session was extreme. It felt as if someone was trying to wrench a giant object out of my chest but it wouldn’t completely budge and kept snapping back into my chest area like a rubber band each time it was pulled. ” (Kate, fibromyalgia)

Distant healing presents many advantages

The most obvious one is the saving in traveling time and costs. With petrol prices shooting up it is not negligible and with global warming problems, keeping  transport to the minimum can only help.

Distant healing is also the solution for people who can’t travel because of physical conditions or can’t find a practitioner close enough. Through distant healing everyone can be helped now in Australia no matter how isolated they are.

Distant healing can be the solution for very busy people who can’t find the time to go to a practitioner. They can have the treatment while relaxing at home watching TV or reading.

Distant healing is much better for young children who can’t keep still. No need to follow them all around the room anymore. The practitioner can “tune in” much more easily and deeply and work with more concentration and the healing session will be more effective. The child can be home in his or her own environment  and much more relaxed which promotes a faster healing.

Distant healing is also very helpful  when a parent has children to look after when one child is having the treatment. A young child often needs the parent’s attention  when having treatment and if the parent has to focus on other children it does not work as smoothly. It is also good for all the mothers who have to look after young children and can’t come to the practitioner. They can have a treatment while having a quiet time with their children.

What do they say about distant healing.

“It was amazing. I could feel the energy travelling through my back. And after the session I felt lighter than I had been in a long time.  Thank you.” Annie.

“Thank you for the treatment. I could not find the time to come and see you and I feel so much better. I am lucky that you can do distant healing”. Claire.

“Thank you so much for what you did for me. I was enable to travel because of my back pain. Without distant healing treatments I would still be in bed”. Carol

“I think things must be really starting to shift and change because today’s session was very intense. I felt very emotional and cried all the way through it and now I feel quite drained emotionally and physically. But it really felt as if a huge amount of ‘stuff’ had been released. In particular, some of the heaviness on my chest feels as if it has finally lifted.

I’ve never experienced such an emotional and intense healing session before and I see it as a very positive thing. It makes me feel as if a major block was removed and now, even if the next sessions are intense, they should have a stronger effect and many big energy blocks can now finally be released. I could be wrong but that is my intuitive feeling on all of this so far.” Lucy
“I’m feeling a lot better now, A lot of emotional release was going on t but I seem to have reached some point of balance now. Thank you.” Tracey

To book a distant healing session, please contact Odile by phone (0468 931 051) or send her  an e-mail via the contact page.

Distant healing sessions are available from Sunday to Friday.