Craniosacral and surgery

Though sometimes inevitable, surgery is never something to be considered lightly. The process of surgery has a huge negative impact on the body. Being cut open, even if it is to save lives, is always both experienced and remembered as a very negative experience, not only by the brain but by the cells in our bodies which are affected by the surgery. The cells of the body retain memories independently from the brain. They can store memories of experiences, emotions, sensations, tastes, habits, etc.

Cells are also able to store information related to traumatic experiences. Surgery creates a lot of stress that can stay within the body, within these cells, for a very long time.

Also there are always risks associated with surgery, even with the simplest intervention. Excess bleeding, infections, anesthesia complications, delayed healing and even the risk of death. Any surgery always carries a risk of death, no matter how small the risk or procedure.

As with all medical procedures, surgery does not always bring the healing expected or desired and some people come out of surgery and find themselves worse than they were before, experiencing more pain or having different pain or malfunction in other parts of the body. I have seen clients who, years later, were still suffering from the after effects of a surgery.

CST can really help people having to undergo surgery.

In some cases. CST can prevent the need of surgery altogether, particularly in the case of hernias, back pain, frozen shoulders, lazy eyes etc.

However, if surgery is unavoidable, CST can help the body recover faster and better from the surgery, and can help in all cases and across all areas. CST will help release the stress and anxiety created by the surgery, allowing the body to concentrate its healing forces to heal.

In the United States, many hospitals have a Craniosacral therapist as part of their staff, so that people who undergo surgery can receive CST treatment directly after the surgery. They have noticed that patients treated with CST heal much faster and are able to leave hospital care sooner and in better health than the ones who did not have it. CST enhances the patient’s healing forces, and everybody will recover faster if their heal- ing systems work better.

So before going through surgery, make sure there is no other option and if you have to go through it, see a Craniosacral Therapist to recover in the best and fastest way possible.