Children and infants

Children usually respond very well to CST. As restrictions have not been in their body for very long they generally release quite quickly.

Being very gentle CST is very safe for children of all ages including new-born babies, babies and young children.

CST is gentle and very safe for children
CST is gentle and very safe for children

Many childhood difficulties may arise from the birth process. Even the best birth can be traumatic for the baby. During birth the baby’s skull has to deal with enormous pressure. Their cranial bones move to adjust to this pressure and misalignment of the bones can result from this process.

After the birth the body, with its great capacity to heal itself, will reshape the cranium in most cases. But sometimes a pattern of restriction stays within the membrane system and creates problem which may show up much later on in life in the form of, for exemple, behavioural problems, learning difficulties, dislexia, feeding difficulties, and digestive disorders.

child2Reflux and colic often happen as a result of a restriction in the upper abdomen. The restriction can come from pressure on the tummy in the womb (baby stuck in an awkward position) or from umbilical shock (when the umbilical cord is cut before it has stopped pulsing).

Sleeping difficultiy in babies may also come from a restriction in the skull.  The bones in the skulls of children are not fully fused before seven years of age.  For this reason accidents and falls in children, particularly on the head, need to be looked after to make sure that no misalignments or restrictions remain within the cranium.

child3As with adults, emotional issues can also affect children physically. Events such as divorce of the parents, moving house, change of school, and birth of a sibling can all be traumatic for a child and manifest in their body years later as chronic pain. Sometimes children perceive events as being very traumatic, though we as adults might look at these events as quite ordinary, and this may show as a restriction in the body.

Children may take on emotional issues from the parents and this can be very overwhelming for them. If parents feel stressed or anxious the baby may feel it and become stressed and anxious.

child4Children are more vulnerable than adults because they are so dependent on their parents and they can be easily emotionally upset. It is often difficult for them to express their own emotions (specially young children) but it is not necessary to know exactly what’s going on in order to help the body release these emotions.

If your baby or child is happy most of the time they probably have dealt with birth trauma and other upsets that might have passed through their life.  But if your baby is crying a lot, has sleeping or eating difficulties and if your child seems to “struggle through life” it might be a good idea to have him or her checked by a Cranio Sacral therapist. Many happy parents have expressed their surprise at the change in their baby or child after a series of treatments, saying they feel they are dealing with a totally different child.