Case histories

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(Names have been changed for privacy)

Birth trauma

Heaven was 3 months old when I saw him. He was a very distressed baby crying a lot. Here under is his mother’s testimonial.

After his birth, Heaven cry and cry and freaking cry. Non-stop. Inconsolable, pain-filled crying. If he was awake he was crying. If he was asleep it was one-eye open, super light, exhaustion induced sleep. He fed terribly, like he couldn’t latch properly and he was always a light red color like he had terrible circulation.

As you can imagine, this was incredibly hard for us especially while dealing with the aftermath of the birth. Nevertheless, I knew that babies really only cry if there is something wrong and babies are generally pretty happy most of the time (I know because I’ve had one before) so I went searching for something, ANYTHING that may help.

We started with the Chiropractor (Baby/Children’s Specialist) in town.
Scott helped immensely with the movement of Haven’s head and neck and after several sessions he was latching better, feeding better and had a lot less pain in his gut. This treatment was heaven sent for these reasons however Haven still cried constantly.

Two separate friends told me about Craniosacral Therapy and suggested I try it but at the time my mind was too full to listen but the name of it lingered in my head.. and finally one afternoon when I was quickly flicking through a book the first page I came to had CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY written in BIG BOLD letters on the top!

I googled it and in fifteen minutes I had made an appointment with a lady the next day whom lived only a few streets away. I must admit I was skeptical, very skeptical however I fully trusted I was on the right path to finding out what was going on with my darling boy.

The practitioner, Odile Grisel was extremely professional, grounded, intelligent and I instantly trusted in her ability to treat Haven.

The ONE AND ONLY session took one hour, she tuned into Haven’s little body and was able to tell me he had an enormous amount of pressure at the base of his skull (probably endured from the birth) which meant he’d spent the last 3 months with a chronic headache and that he had blockages throughout his gut (this probably caused from his position in the womb – bent in half almost due to his size and my tiny tummy). Odile, performed her treatment and if I was best to describe what she did I would say she released the trauma of the birth from his body. The treatment is incredibly gentle, non invasive, no poking or proding and too me it felt like the most powerful therapy I’d witnessed. .

That, honestly was the very last day Haven cried – ‘THAT’ cry. Yes he cries still now obviously when he’s hungry, wet etc but whatever Odile did that day WORKED.

My incredibly unhappy, crying, irritable baby now chatters to himself, plays happily on the floor, giggles, smiles and interacts beautifully with us. TOTALLY. DIFFERENT. BABY.

I too, have been to see her to help with my healing. Words can not describe the shifts that I have had and I have no doubt this will be my go-to therapy in times of crisis in our lives.


Long term emotional issues  (distant healing)

Brett came to see me for deep emotional issues he had for a very long time. These issues were showing physically mostly through sinuses problems, tension in his head and troubles with his ear. We worked together for 2 months at the end of witch we had released all these issues.
Here under, in his own words, is his experience with Craniosacral.

“I had regular weekly treatments over a period of months. This made it possible to move some very deep and very long standing emotional imprinting, which I had not been able to get to with previous therapies. The healing was profound and it led to positive changes in my work and my relationship, as well as changes to my body and to longstanding bodily symptoms.”


Conception difficulty and miscarriage

Nicole came to see me because she had difficulty conceiving and a long history of miscarriages. She had a 4 years old boy conceived after she has been on a conception program with the hospital. She was tired of hormonal treatments and did not think she could cope anymore with the emotional side of miscarriages. When I tuned in into her system I felt that the pelvic area was quite constricted and the pituitary gland was not working properly due to a restriction pattern in her head. She came 6 times for 1 and a half hour sessions. 5 months later she told me that she was pregnant and that everything was going really well. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.


Sean was 4 years old. He had been diagnosed with autism. He could speak but was hardly speaking and could not stay still. His mother told me that he had very bad days with big tantrums, very bad nights at times. He was very unpredictable when around other children and could be aggressive. We worked about 3 months together. He became a chatter box (his mother said she did not mind at all!) and could stay still much longer. His mother mentioned too that he had much less tantrums and not quite as intense as before and that everybody was asking her what happened to him as he was so changed. After 3 months they had to move and I did not see him anymore.


Laura has been suffering from anxiety since childhood. She felt that she could not breath properly and she often has anger outbursts.She also had panic attacks at times.

I saw her a couple of times. After the first time she mentioned feeling pretty good and breathing normally again. After the second session she felt that she did not need any more sessions as she was feeling really well. She had not been angry or anxious since the last session.

Head injury

John was a 45 years old man, a very active person. When I saw him he had had a head injury 5 weeks before due to a motorbike accident. He had a couple of bones broken in his head and some internal bleeding. He had lost all memory of the accident and was very tired and sleeping a lot. He complained of a lot of pressure in his head and on his chest. When I tuned into his system I found that all the cranium bones were a bit out of place which would certainly cause pressure and I could feel the pressure on his chest. So we worked on this. After2 sessions, his head was feeling much better but there was still pressure on his chest. After 2 more session, his chest was good and he felt he did not need any more help. He went then to rehabilitation to finish his healing process. Bones, nerves and tissues take time to heal and we need to allow this time, but CST can definitely hasten the process and can help a lot wit the person’s aches and pain.

Migraine headache

Jade was 16 years old and an high school student. She was suffering from very strong migraines often with nausea and vomiting. She had to miss a lot school because of the pain.  Doctors said it was tension headache and that nothing could be done. She was very disheartened thinking that she will suffer from migraines all her life. After her first treatment she did not miss school anymore though the headaches were still there at time. Her solar plexus area was very restricted and her membrane system in her head was very tight. After 2 sessions the nausea and vomiting disappeared and after 8 mores sessions the headaches were gone for good. She could enjoy fully her life as you should particularly when you’re 16.

Back pain 

Michael had been suffering form lower back pain for many many years. He had also suffered from varicose veins which was unusual for a young man (He was 35 when he was operated from it). He had tried lots of therapies without any results and it is only after I treated his partner successfully that he decided to come and see me. It took about 15 sessions before he was completely pain free as the restriction has been in his body for so long (more than 20 years) but from the first session he hardly had to take pain killers anymore. His pelvic and lumbar areas were extremely restricted and compressed and the blood circulation was very poor which explained the varicose veins he had before. He was extremely happy with the results. “I can now work all day in the garden and not have any trouble with my back”.

Child – depression

David was a 11 years old boy suffering from deep depression and anxiety. He also had headaches and tummy pain. He was not playing anymore with anybody not even his sister though they were very close. He was often talking about dying. His solar plexus was very restricted. loaded with negative emotions and this was pulling his cranium bones and membranes causing a very deep pattern of restriction in his head. We had a few sessions clearing the solar plexus and working on his cranium. After the 5th session he left the treatment table and went running outside for a play with his sister. His mother was crying of emotion saying that he had not played like that for a long, long time. It took a couple more sessions to clear completely the restrictions in his body. He was a totally different boy, happy and carefree.

Baby – Reflux and sleeping problem

Eliot was 4 weeks old. He was suffering from reflux and was hard to settle. He had problem sleeping and was often crying in pain pulling his legs up. He was born after a long labor (labor has been induced) and suction cap. Tuning in I felt that his solar plexus was constricted, the T9 vertebrae was restricted and most of the bones in the cranium were pulled in. After the first session, the mother said that he was much more settled, was sleeping much better and hardly crying anymore but she felt there was still some work to do. Effectively the solar plexus still felt a bit restricted but the cranium bones were back in place. After the second session the mother commented that her baby was really good now.

Chest pain and difficulty breathing

Lena was suffering from pain in her chest and had problems breathing at times. She was checked by a doctor but nothing wrong could be found. So I tuned in and found that there was a big blockage on her chest as well as in her stomach area. Her upper back and neck were also very tight, putting pressure on sensory nerves in her chest. I worked on her chest first as the blockage there was much bigger, then on her stomach and her upper back and neck. After one session she felt much better but not quite right yet. She had another 3 other sessions and the pain disappeared completely. She was also feeling much more relaxed.


Jane came to see me because she has been suffering from fibromyalgia since childhood. She was feeling pain all along her spine and all over her body.  Tuning in I found that her spine was very stressed, her chest area, solar plexus and pelvic ares were very restricted and her temporals bones were pulled in. The adrenals glands were very tired and the drainage in her head was very slow. So we worked on all this. She slowly started to feel better and sleeping better. Gradually the pain faded away and after 11 sessions she was feeling quite good. The pains were gone, she was sleeping much better and had much more energy.

Fingers not moving

Peter could not move the fingers of his right hand. He was 80 years old and has been active all his life and was quite distressed not to be able to use his hand. I tuned in and felt that his upper back was quite out of alignment  and particularly his neck. He has a blockage on his chest which was also tightening the membranes and blocking the nerves going to his right hand. So I worked on his back and chest and after one session he could move his hand again. We had another session to completely get rid of any blockages left and make sure that the problem would not come back.

Shoulder pain

Tony had been having pain in his right shoulder for the last 2 years. He was concerned about this pain that was not going away and that it would get worse and worse with time. We had 5 sessions all together working on his spine and shoulder. His pain disappeared completely and never came back to this day (it was about 2 years ago).

Child neck problem

Tom was 3 years old. His neck has been out since birth. He was banging his head a lot and his mother was quite concerned about the effects all this banging could be having on his head. His birth has been good though it has been hard to get the head out as he was a big baby. The tuning in told me that all his cervical vertebrae were pushed to the left and the atlanto-occipital joint (joint between the occiput bone and the 1st cervical vertebrae) was constricted.  However his cranium had not suffered from the banging. After 4 sessions of half an hour each the neck came back completely in place.

Neck pain

Ruth came to see me because of strong pain in her neck. She was a very spiritual person who had done already a lot of work on herself. Tuning into her I felt that her chest area was very restricted and pulling strongly on the base of her skull and neck. I could also feel a lot of grief in the heart area. When I mentioned this  to her she told me that she had lost her daughter 5 years ago and her husband 2 years ago and she had not yet grieved  for her husband’s death. After the first session, the grief was gone and the neck started to heal very quickly. Here under is what she wrote about her experience with Craniosacral.

“I suffered from severe pain in the base of my skull as a result of a head on car crash 5 years previously. The pain would wake me through the night and over the time I found that prescription drugs would only mask the pain for a while and then return. I visited doctors and specialists, had scans and x-rays, but it seemed I was destined to have this throughout my life; until a friend told me about Odile and suggested I pay her a visit to see if she could help.
The day I visited Odile I had excruciating pain in my head and Odile asked me a number of questions that no doctor had previously asked and gently “went to work” on me.

After an hour the pain had gone and I was able to move my head freely without any noise inside my head associated with the muscles and bones moving.  She did however tell me that I may not stay pain free straight away and may take a few sessions to cement the alignment  into place. . . .I didn’t mind, I was ecstatic – no pain. Second day, still no pain. It wasn’t until the 4th day that pain returned but on a lesser scale. It jumped from a 10 down to a 3. Three days after the pain returned I had my next session with Odile. This time I walked away with clarity and lightheartedness even though I still had some pain. I would describe the session as a kind of ‘uh-ha’ moment and the peace was unbelievable.
I had my third session with Odile a week later again. The pain had gone, and I felt for the first time in many years totally in alignment within myself – here I might add that I would not have understood that BEFORE I was in total alignment, but AFTER I understood exactly what that term meant. During that last session with Odile I felt the most incredible sensation of love returning to and for my self. The outcome of that was total acceptance and peace with who I am. I am forever grateful to Odile for sharing her gift of healing with me on my short journey with her.”

Pelvic pain and endometriosis

Julia, 28 years old, had been suffering from a very intense pelvic pain for 2 months when I first saw her. Her condition was so painful that she had to stop working. She could not do anything anymore. Doctors could not find anything wrong with her  and she had an appointment  at the hospital 2 weeks later for more exams. She could not travel far and I had to go and treat her at home. Her pelvic area was very restricted and particularly her uterus. We started working on these areas and after 2 treatments the pain has eased enough for her to come to me and she was starting to feel more positive about her life. She could go for short walks and work a bit around the house. The hospital exams revealed that she had endometriosis. I worked one more time with her and then I referred her to another practitioner much closer to where she leaved.

Emotional crisis

When Paul came to see me, he was an emotional wreck and could not deal with it anymore. He had been married and divorced with 2 children by the age of 25 (he was 32 when I saw him). His relationship with his family was difficult (he was considered the black sheep of the family). His present partner was talking about separation and he could not cope with it. After tuning in I could feel that his emotional centers (chest area, solar plexus and pelvic area) were very restricted. A lot of emotions were stuck in his body and his body could not cope anymore.  Here is his journey in his own words.

“I came to see Odile because I had a lot of emotional stuff going on in my life and I wanted to remove any emotional baggage that I no longer required so I could move forward into my future and do my best not to repeat previous patterns.
I had a session every Monday afternoon and every Wednesday night I had some sort of “Emotional clearing” (These are my words). Every week was different emotion from anger to sadness etc…..During the process we discovered some patterns and beliefs that I choose to change on the spot. Some of the changes could not be pinpointed to any one thing.

I believe it’s a combination of things that help people change and I definetely believe that the sessions with Odile helped clear out a lot of suppressed emotions.”

At the end of our series of treatment Paul was a different person. He was confident, was trusting himself and was able to deal with whatever life was giving him. He was very balanced emotionally.

It was really amazing to see him change week after week and being able to take control of his life again.

TMJ (temporals mandibular joint)

Katia had problems with her jaw and TMJ. The jaws are attached to the temporals bones with a joint called TMJ and if the temporals bones are not exactly at the right place, this joint can become compressed and quite painful. So I tuned in to find out why the temporals bones had moved. There was a constriction on her chest, her sacrum (tail bone) was out of place, putting the whole spine under pressure and pulling the temporals bones down. Her jaw was also twisted a little bit to the right. So I worked on all these places and after a few sessions, she felt no more pain in her jaw and joint.

Abdominal Pain (distant healing)

I received a phone call early on a Saturday morning from a young girl in South Australia. Her father, a 70 year old man, had been awake all night with terrible abdominal pain. The doctor could not find anything wrong with him. So she asked me to do a distant Craniosacral healing on her father as he was in a lot of pain. I agreed to do so and asked her to let me know how her father was going. The next day I received another call. Her father was still in pain and she asked me to do another Craniosacral session on him and so I did. The following day I received an e-mail from her saying that her father was pretty much pain free but quite weak. I advised her to wait a couple of days and see how things were going, as the healing can take up to a few days. Two days later she sent me another e-mail saying that her father was no longer in pain but was recovering very slowly and she felt that he needed another session. which I did the same day  A few days later she sent me another e-mail, telling me that her father was going quite well and though he was still a bit tired, he was recovering very well and she did not think he needed any more treatments. He is now fully recovered and pain free.

Tantrums’ problems at 7 years old.

Colin was still having severe tantrums though he was 7 years old. It was happening more and more frequently and Colin’s parents were having a lot of difficulties to quiet him down. Apart from this he was a lovely boy, well integrated at school and studying easily. He had 2 other siblings younger than him. His birth had been a difficult, very long and a suction cap was used.

When I tuned into his system, I found that the craniosacral rhythm was very weak. His spine was very stressed and all the cranium bones were pushed in making lots of pressure on the brain.

So I started working on all this. After the first and second session Colin released a lot of emotions and his parents mentioned that he was very emotional. After the third session the tantrums started to reduce in intensity and frequency. “Colin has been asking for lots of hugs and kisses from us, which is very unlike him. He usually doesn’t like a lot of physical touch. He has been much calmer within himself, and we are not getting the severe tantrums. He may start them, but as we calmly talk to him, he simmers down quite a bit” said his mother. it took another 2 sessions to completely clear all the restrictions that were locked in his body. At the last session his mother mentioned : ” My husband and I are very happy with the results.. We don’t have tantrums anymore. Colin might get angry but we can easily calm him down now. He is very affectionate too and I believe we have found the real Colin.”

Umbilical hernia

David came to see me because he has a small umbilical hernia and he wanted to see if we could get rid of it as he was not too keen on having surgery.

As usual I tuned into his body and found and found a restriction in his solar plexus but also his sacrum was quite out of place and putting pressure on his abdomen. An hernia happens when there is a lot of pressure inside the tummy and the abdominal membranes are weakened and can’t hold the pressure anymore. David explained than he had just left a very stressful job and he and that he and his wife just had a new baby and of course this was adding to his stress levels. So I start working on his solar plexus and his lower back to help straighten the sacrum. After 2 sessions, David was not feeling the hernia anymore (though it was still there but not giving any discomfort) and his lower back was much better. It took 6 sessions altogether to see the hernia disappearing completely and to bring the sacrum in place and eliminating any back pain.

David came to see me in the early stage of the hernia and it went away quite quickly. A bigger hernia would have probably taken more sessions.

David was very happy with the result. Not only he avoided surgery but his back felt so much better and a lot of his stress had come out of his body .

Male impotence

John was a 20 years old young man. He had been impotent for 2 years now and was desperate to find a solution to his problem.

The first tune-in showed me that John had a big restriction on his lower abdomen and his sphenoid bone was out of place, putting pressure on the pituitary gland and resulting in a reduction of sexual hormones production.

I asked him if he had hurt his head 2 years ago and he answered that yes, he had been knocked badly in the head during a football game 2 years ago. So that was probably the cause of his problem.

So I worked on his lower abdomen and his lower back releasing session after session all blockages and I worked as well on his sphenoid bone.

After the fist session he could have an erection but not long enough yet. It took about 6 sessions to achieve complete recovery.