CST and animals

denise7CST and Quantum Touch can be used on animals with excellent results.

denise6Dogs and cats: CST is very effective with them. Dogs and cats respond really well to the energy and also relax during the treatment as it is a very gentle therapy. CST helps with their physical problems and emotional traumas.

Horses: CST is also very effective on horses. As well as clearing localised muscle pain, CST is also more able to get to the source of the problem which usually stems from irritation of the central nervous system. CST can be very helpful too where there has been an accident or denise_foalpast trauma during training, or pregnancy for example, in relieving not only the physical pain, but also balancing the body’s energetics, and calming the emotional responses.

Denise Hooker has owned and ridden horses for 25 years. She has been an Equine therapist working both in the UK and Australia for 8 years. She has attended the course “Equine Cranial Sacral Techniques 1” and has been working on horses with CST for 2 years.

Denise is a Certified Equine Body Worker (EBW) through Equinology, and hasDenise4 trained in the following modalities:

Equine Cranial Sacral Techniques I with Gail Wetzler of the Upledger Institute

Equine Sports Massage Certification through Equinology  –   Debranne Patillo AEBW

Equine Biomechanics with Dr. Barb Crabbe

Equine Dissection Workshop with Dr. Deb Bennett Ph.D

Equine Acupressure & Traditional Chinese Medicine Instructors: N. Zidonis, A Snow, & M Soderberg

Equine Acupressure & The Five Element Theory Instructors: N. Zidonis, A Snow, & M Soderberg

Denise can be contacted for Equine Therapy on 0439 450045 or email

She is based in the Samford area on Brisbane’s Northside and is happy to travel to horses in the local region.

‘Join up’ & basic day-to-day training Instructor: Richard Maxwell (specialist in Equine Behaviour Problems).