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Odile Grisel
Odile Grisel

You have been going from one therapist to another but still not getting lasting results. You might have been told that you had a “condition’ and that you had to learn to live with it. Your life seems to crumble away and it looks like you will never get it back. You have been giving away one by one activities that you could not do anymore and you have resigned yourself that you might have to be in pain for the rest of your life.

It does not need to be that way. Welcome to the “last hope therapy”. I have worked with many people like you and in most cases I have been able to help them climb the ladder of hope and resolve each of their symptoms.

Craniosacral therapy is my life passion and I have dedicated myself to this one therapy to become the best I could be and because I know how effective it is. I have been practicing craniosacral therapy for the last 14 years and I have treated hundreds of people. Most of the people who have come to see me have found the results they were seeking.

Why is Craniosacral therapy so effective?

Because it works with the body’s ability to heal itself and goes to the root of the problem.

We all know that eventually bruises disappear, fractured bones heal, headaches fade away and so on. The body knows what to do even if we don’t.

This self-healing activity occurs with subtle movements in the body. The body is always adjusting to all that is happening to it.The craniosacral therapist can feel these movements or lack of movement and find out the deep causes of the problem. By working with the root of the problem and not the sypmtons, CST gives long lasting results.

Why choose Craniosacral therapy?

It is very gentle and can be practiced on anybody from babies to the elderly.

craniosacral_therapy_1In most cases craniosacral therapy will help resolve problems at a deep level, minimising the likelihood of the problem recurring so once the course of treatment is finished there is usually no need of follow up.

CST addresses not only physical problems but also emotional issues which are very often the real underlying cause of the problem.

Avoid the emotional upheavals of hope and disappointment, save yourself time and money and choose the last hope first.

Why I am a Craniosacral therapist?

Because I can help people live their life fully.

So if you too want the best out of life, I encourage you to contact me today to find out more about how CST can help you improve your quality of life

What conditions can CST treat?

Many conditions:  from persistent pain anywhere in the body to digestive problems, visual disturbances, insomnia, problems during and after pregnancy, infertility, sleeping difficulties in babies, colic, reflux, dental problems, anxiety, behavioral disorders and so on.

Watch a Video

A demonstration and explanation of the basic techniques used in a craniosacral therapy session and how they help heal the body.